Jebel Yanas Trek – Ras Al Khaimah

Jebel Yanas First Break

Jebel Yanas trek is my first trek of 2019. It is also my first trek in UAE. When I checked in google about trekking in UAE, the impression that I got was the treks are mainly on rocky terrains. I was not sure how I will handle it with my injured knee. After much deliberation, I decided to do make an attempt. The trek to Jebel Yanas is that first attempt.

The Drive to Jebel Yanas

The first meeting point was at dragon mart. We started the drive to Ras Al Khaimah at 9 AM. After a 45 minutes’ drive, we reached the second meeting point. This is in Sharjah. More cars joined in at that meeting point. Most of the people had their breakfast there. I think we spent around 30 minutes at that meeting point. After which we started our journey to the mountains. Thirty minutes into the drive, the mountains ranges were visible. The blood in me started rushing. Excitement increased. I just wanted to get my feet on ground and start walking.

Jebel Yanas Drive

Soon, we started the uphill drive in our car. There was a check-post at the base of Jebel Yanas. I think it is there to keep track of who all have gone in, have returned back safely. After the check-post, it was unpaved dirt roads which only 4×4 can handle. After few uphill’s and downhill’s we arrived at our destination. On the way, the tire of a car in the group burst. We had to leave the car there and take the passengers in the other cars.

Jebel Yanas Checkpost

The Trek Begins!!

The starting point for the Jebel Yanas trek was around 8 kms from the check-post. At the starting point, the view was awesome. Since we started at a high altitude, we could get the feel of the mountain straightaway. Before starting the trek, our guide introduced his team and provided us with a hydration drink and a healthy trail mix.

Jebel Yanas Start View

After the guide’s instruction was complete, we started the trek at 11:45 AM. The initial part was okay. It was not physically challenging. Our first break was after 50 minutes. Most people had their lunch there. The view from that point was breathtaking. We could also see a village from that point.

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A Village in the Middle of Nowhere

After the break of around twenty minutes, we resumed the trek with that village as the target. It took us around fifteen minutes to reach that village. It was an empty village with few structures made of stone. There were patches of green grass growing here and there. There was one tree at the entrance of the village. In this terrain with the sun above, that one tree felt like a jungle. At that village, we waited for everyone to catch up and then we resumed again. In the village, we also saw some odd buildings with no door and only one window. I still have no idea what that is. We also saw a UAE flag hoisted on a post and it was fluttering majestically.

Another Deserted Village

The second village is around 30 minutes from the first one. We reached here at 3 PM. The rest time at this village was 30 minutes. Again, here also there was one big tree. Everyone was seated under the tree. And like the previous one, there was no one in these villages. Once everyone sat, our guide asked anyone wants tea or coffee. I thought he has kidding. But then he pulled out a portable cooking stove and a pan. I was shocked as to how he could trek with so much stuff. Our guide had some Russian tea with him. It was from Mt. Elbrus. For some reason unknown to me, his team started laughing when he asked if anyone wanted that tea. One of his team members made karak tea and coffee for others.

The Difficult Part

After a while, we resumed our trek. This was most difficult part of the trek. There was no path. It was just rocks and rocks, with no space to put down your feet fully. An immense level of concentration was required to do this part. If you are not watching, then you can slip and hit the rocks or you could twist your ankles. And you need to have zero fear. Well, even if have fear, you have no option other than to walk unless you plan to stay there.

Jebel Yanas Group

We took around 30 minutes to cover this stretch. While navigating this stretch, I forgot about the surroundings. My head was all the time looking down searching for a place to plant my feet. After this rocky stretch, we came to relatively flat area. It was then I straightened my head and saw the sky. The cloud formation was awesome. I haven’t seen such a beautiful cloud formation in the UAE before. We sat there for a while as we waited for the rest of the team to catch up. We didn’t wait much as we had to reach back before it gets dark and it would be very difficult to trek in this terrain when it is dark. The time had crossed 4:30 PM.

Jebel Yanas Sky

The Last Stretch

After few minutes, we resumed the last part of our trek. This part started with an uphill climb. When we reached the top, the setting sun came into the picture. Sunset and sunrise view on mountains are my favorite. No matter how many times you have seen them, I can’t get enough of it. A picture of the sun setting seen through a tree is my favorite pic from the tour. I don’t remember how I did the rest of the trek as I was watching the sunset and walking.

Jebel Yanas Sunset

The End

By around 5:45 PM, we reached our starting point where we had parked the cars. The total time taken for the Jebel Yanas trek was 6 hours including the breaks and we covered around 10 kms.

Jebel Yanas Road
Jebel Yanas Path
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Our guide gave us some stretching exercises which helped in reducing the pain and stiffness. After the stretching, everyone packed up and drove to the car whose tire had burst. We replaced the tire and started our journey back to Dubai. Overall, it was an awesome and challenging experience and a good trek to start the year. I was happy that I made the right decision in doing this trek.

Jebel Yanas Sunset
Jebel Yanas City View

Trek Details

Shown below are the trip statistics from my Samsung GearFit. The GPX file containing the route details at Jebel Yanas can also be found in the below section.

Jebel Yanas Samsung GearFit
Level : Medium
Gear :
Shops : None
Toilets : None